Career Forum

We are pleased to announce the career forum for our community and society in general.

In this competative age, it is very important to choose the right career which suits your aptitude.
To choose a right career you must know all the options.

Here we will try to provide you brief information about a particular field. Please note that this information is compiled and presented by our volunteers who are already in the respective fields. So this may be very authentic and insider information.

If you have further questions or any modifications, additions, suggestions please feel free to contact the volunteers or contact us at

Here are some career guidance articles.

1. How to prepare for GRE
        (By Dr. Yatin Gadgil)

2. Introduction to VLSI Techonology
          (By Shailaja,Dilip and Sameer)

3. Non-clinical and para-medical career info
          (By Yatin Gadgil & Adheet Gogate)

4. What is nano-technology
          (By Shailesh Bhate)

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