Abhay Godse & his software business

Running a software development business named “AVS Soft ” in Pune.

Abhay Godse is running a software development business named “AVS Soft” in Pune. They have their own software products such as "Task Alert”, "Smart Mail" etc., having clientele of more than 40 since last 1 ½ yrs. Abhay is unmarried & 28 years old. He is from an average middle class family where “Business” term was very uncommon. Though, he dreamt of starting his own business. Let us know more about himself & his work.

Abhay Godse Abhay was born & brought up in Mumbai. In 1993, After completing his B.Com. from Ruparel college in Mumbai, their family settled down in Pune. Later on, completed his M.Com. from Pune university. His career started from his first service with a chartered accountant firm in Pune as an accounts assistant. After working there for a year’s span, he also tried 1-2 other jobs in Pune but he was feeling uncomfortable working there as an employee, was also not getting enough freedom to work in his own way. He was always had in mind to start something of his own. Few months past in the same scenario, totally unaware about what to do next. As there was no guidance from anyone about which business to start, he was totally confused.

One day, he came across one of his friend, who had just started a software development business. Often, he used to go in his office & watch the way he was working. That was the time, when he found himself curious and interested in the software field. His curiosity & interest in the software development was increasing day by day. His parents purchased a PC for him & he started learning on trial & error basis.

Since he was having a commerce background, initially, he decided to do some computerized accounts work & start the business. He started his own business in a small out-house. One day, a friend told him “Why don’t you start a software training activity”. Also there was no other training institute in the near by area. By taking inspiration from this, he decided to start a software training activity. There was a quite good response in the first two months itself. He trained many people of various age groups. Meantime, he also joined software courses at Datapro for advanced knowledge. He was also furnishing his software knowledge while teaching others & also recovered his entire Datapro course fees from the training activity within a six months span. Still, his mind was always thinking of software development.

When he was doing accounts work of Pune management association, the authorities were looking for a software, which will help them to manage their membership record. They gave him his first order for customized software. Slowly, he also developed some customized softwares for small companies. He also faced various problems while interacting with customers, but, he analysed the problems & managed to solve them one by one.

At one stage, he realised the importance of "software products". Many software companies, especially in India, are into "customized software development" instead of product development. He believes the product to be better than "customized development". "Software products" can survive even in a slag period. Abhay decided to develop a software product. While he was doing a customized software for agricultural survey, he was very busy & was not able to manage his own tasks in a pre-defined time framework, that time, the idea of Task management software, "Task Alert", clicked to his mind. Gradually, the product took a nice shape.

Abhay GodseSince this was his first product, it was not going to be easy to launch it. Initially, he faced many problems regarding selling & marketing the product. It took many days to learn to put the product efficiently in front of the customers, to learn & understand the customer psychology, about customer's purchasing power, to solve their queries etc. The experience was quite depressing, but, gradually, he overcame all the hurdles in his path. Over a period of time, he learned a lot from the marketing side, customer support etc. Later on, his product got very much appreciation from customers. Now, a wide customer base include almost every segment of industry, right from an Architect to an Engg. company & it is continuously increasing.

As the customer base is increasing, he also listens to the customer's feedback & searches for new ideas in it & if possible, also tries to incorporate those innovative ideas in the product. He says that the face to face interaction with customers is important to understand their thoughts. Some times, he also need to educate the customers to know the benefits of his product, on the other hand, some customers grasp the software instantly & don't even need a demo. The satisfied customers give him more & more inspiration to go ahead.

He also has something to say for new comers. He mentions some important points for new comers in the business:
As an entrepreneur, one should be aware of each & every function of his business such as mfg., mkt., support etc. Never enter into any such business where you yourself don't know much about, especially, businesses where you need special skills. Financial management is important. Unnecessary expenses should be curtailed off. Ask yourself "what i have earned from each expenditure" See what your competitor is lacking & acquire it into your business.

While explaining about his future plans, he gives more emphasis on developing a range of innovative software products for different purposes. He says that Internet or email products is the need for future as everyone is now "On-line".

Apart from software development, he is also fond of Astrology. He enjoys studying various horoscopes & also developing this hobby.

This way, creativity, support from parents & friends, hardship, dedication towards work & of course the destiny are the important factors which made Abhay Godse  successful.

  • Maharashtra Times (Marathi newspaper of The Times Group) had published a half-page review on "Task Alert" on 09th Dec. 2001.
  • "Yuwa Sakal" newspaper (Sakal group) had published his interview as a "Cyber Entrepreneur" on 30th March 2002.
  • To know more about his software products,
    visit at http://taskalert.balasainet.com/

    You can contact Abhay Godse at abhaygodse@eth.net