Jay Ranade


See him in action
On ESPN2 on October 4,2002,from 8:30pm to 9:00pm Eastern (New York Time).
On TV ASIA on August 5,2002,from 10:30pm to 11:00pm Eastern (New York Time).

Most of the times Chitpavans are known for their brain power.. Well at least in modern times... (who can forget the muscle power of Peshwes and their mighty Army ???)

Well but we are equally competent when it comes to the shear power..Don't believe ?check this out...

Jay Ranade, who is a computer scientist is one such example. Let us introduce him as four times "WORLD ARM WRESTLING CHAMPION" and an expert in martial arts.


Here is more about Jay.

Jay Ranade lives in New York City, USA, and is a Wall Street management consultant in Information Technology.

He has written about 25 books on computers and has published about 300 books with McGraw-Hill, USA, in his imprint called Jay Ranade Series. It is the largest computer book series in the world.

He is 4 times world champion in Arm Wrestling in various weight catagories. Recently he won ISKA World Martial Arts Championships 2002 in Power Breaking where he broke eight 2"x8"x16" vertically stacked concrete blocks with one strike.

Occassionally, He does fashion modelling for American and Desi designers.

Ten generations ago, his family lost touch with Maharashtra, when they moved to Punjab for the Third Battle of Panipat. After the Battle, they settled down in Punjab. Jay was born in Ludhiana, Punjab.
He is a vegetarian and occassionally teaches martial arts meditation in New York.

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All the best Jay... we are sure you will be the champ always