Vilas Karandikar & Bhatukli

Bhatukli (game of housekeeping) is an integral part of growing up. Vilas Karandikar of Pune has developed a huge collection of Bhatukli articles. Read his story about how he came to build a collection of 500 items.

Vilas Karandikar and miniature bumba (copper water boiler) Vilas Karandikar is a 53 year old Pune based collector of a very unique type of articles - Bhatukli items. He has a growing collection which at a last count was 500 items and yes this collection record could soon appear in the Guiness Book of World Records.

In 1990, when he was restoring an old swing (zhopala) in his wada(manor) the carpenter adviced him to use old brass type of rivets with floral shape to keep the period look.

The search led him to various shops in the flea market and brass metal dealers. Finally after many visits a dealer got what he wanted, at the shop Karandikar noticed that there were some small utensils in the scrap to be sold. Recollecting the childhood memories of summer afternoons spent playing Bhatukli he purchased those antique piece by weight and that was the begining of the collection.

Soon, this became a passion and every holiday was spent in scanning the scrap dealers and second hand markets for old Bhatukli utensils, and buying them by weight. And the collection started to grow. Properly maintaining the utensils and other working models requires phenomenal patience which Karandikar has, in addition to systematic nature to index and catalogue the collection.

Mrs Karandikar demonstrating chakli maker (miniature - sooryaa)

In 1998, at an exhibition of various hobbies he presented for the first time his Bhatukli collection, and people were amazed that a simple Bhatukli can become a source of collecting 500 items. Demands from various places saw Shri. Karandikar holding many exhibitions in last three years. He has been widely appreciated by the people, the press and the electronic media. He is available for exhibitions at various places, though he charges a small fee and expenses, but the joy on the faces of the visitors makes it worthwhile.

Shri.Karandikar wants to show his unique collection to the world. He is willing to travel to U.S.A or Europe , U.K and hopes to find sponsors amongst the visitors to this web site. He can be reached at:
Shri. Vilas Karandikar,
1402 B Shukrawar Peth, Off Bajirao Road, Pune 411 002 MS India
Telephone: 91-20-448-0279

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