Sudhakar Phatak & Soap Carving

It takes the eye of an artist to imagine an art form in any medium. Met Sudhakar S Phatak - a Retired Mathematics and English teacher who has cultivated a rather unusual hobby carving sculptures from ordinary bath soap. Read about this amazing hobby.

Nagpur based Sudhakar S Phatak was born in 1937. By profession, he is a school teacher (now retired). The subjects which he taught ? easy ..drawing and craft, totally wrong . He taught Mathematics and English.
In 1963 on a day trip to Melghat near Nagpur with the school children Phatak came across people selling carvings made of soap stone. On seeing the craftsmen carving on the stone, purchased a few soap stones to make some carvings in the spare time. On returning to Nagpur , in spare time cultivated this hobby of making sculptures out of soap stone. Since soap stone was not easily available, he turned to using ordinary bath soap.

Since that day in 1963, Phatak has created more than 4000 works . Today he has only about 500 of those as many times he has gifted these to visiting important personalities or has sold some of them to raise funds at the time of national calamities like earthquakes, floods etc.

Recently in May 2001, he held his 43rd solo exhibition of his work and also conducted a free workshop for interested persons. The has created various themes in soap carving like Astha Vinayak (near Pune), Astha Vinayak (Vidharbha region), Vishnu Awtar , Indian cricket team, blood donation, etc.

To learn more about him please get in touch at the following address:
Shri. Sudhakar S Phatak,
Zhenda Chowk, Dharmpeth, Nagpur 440 010 India
Telephone: 91-712-55-7250

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