Ramakrishnabuva Vaze

Author - Sumedha Vaze (Great GrandDaughter-In-Law)


Ramakrishnabuva Vaze was a doyen of the Gwalior Gharana. He was called Vazebuva, and known as Gayanacharya in the music world. Vazebuva was born in 1871 in Savantwadi, in southern Maharashtra. He lost his father when still a baby and his mother had to struggle to make ends meet. Though Vazebuva was sent to school, he was inclined towards music and neglected his studies. He reached Kagal, a small princely state and trained under Poharebuva, who was patronized by the ruling princes, for two years.

Ramakrishna was married, at the young age of twelve, but being in no position to maintain his wife and aged mother, he moved to Bombay and started earning a small salary by giving performances. He moved from Bombay to Indore and later to Ujjain. He trained under Bande Ali Khan and Nissar Hussain Khan. Though mainly a representative of the Gwalior Gharana, he traversed the length and breadth of the country and tried to learn about the different styles of music.


He met Swami Vivekananda and was deeply influenced by him. After roaming around in this fashion, he decided to return home and set up a music school in Pune. StyleThough belonging to the Gwalior Gharana, he developed a style of his own which was an amalgam of different styles. While he respected his Gharana and its style, he did not believe in a narrow approach. Besides vocal music, Vazebuva was also proficient in the Violin and Sitar. He also composed tunes for drama troupes on stage, which were well received. AchievementsRamakrishnabuva Vaze earned appreciation within and outside India. The ruler of Nepal honored him and appointed him as court musician.

He cut a number of commercial discs, which became immensely popular. He wrote the musical work ‘Sangeet Kala Prakash’. This consists of compositions in different Ragas and their technical details, along with biographical notes of contemporary musicians. Among his distinguished disciples are his son, Shivrambuva Vaze, Haribhau Ghangrekar, Gururao Deshpande and Bhaskarbuva Joshi. He also initiated Kesarbai Kerkar, Vinayakrao Patwardhan, besides training Keshavrao Bhosle, Dinanath Mangeshkar and Venkatesh Pendharkar. He remains one of the most respected names in the Gwalior Gharana.

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